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2013 Honda CB1100 Classic Used Motorcycle

$4 950
$4 250

2013 Honda CB1100 Classic Used Motorcycle

Ride it for ten minutes or two hours and you’ll see that it’s one of the easiest-to-live-with motorcycle in any class.

The modern Honda CB1100 keeps all of the advantages of its ancestor, but is equipped with a stronger 1140 cc fuel injected engine and many other modern features which make it cope perfectly with today’s standards. The motorcycle is built on a strong twin-loop full-cradle steel chassis with a modern geometry, which is perfectly suited for the requirements of this class.

In terms of style, the 2013 Honda CB1100 keeps the same classic lines of its predecessor, but here and there, you will find various elements which give it a contemporary touch. The motorcycle rides on a twin-shock rear suspension which features preload adjustability. The front wheel is kept in check by a 41mm fork which also comes with spring preload adjustability.

Smooth, powerful, compact, and free-revving, Honda’s inline fours set the standard in the class. The new CB1100’s engine displaces 1140cc and features air cooling for a timeless look—why hide it under a fairing? With an engine this size, you get power everywhere—enough to go on a spirited street ride, an hour-long cruise, or carry a passenger with ease.

The polished aluminum accents on the CB1100 are more expensive, but are an example of the quality, design, and detail that make the CB1100 a uniquely premium motorcycle. The engine is combined with and advanced PGM-FI Fuel Injection. Improved cold-weather startups, no-drama high-altitude riding and no choke are just three benefits of fuel injection.

The CB1100 features front and rear disc brakes, and the thoroughly modern option of Honda’s Combined Anti-lock Brake System. That makes for powerful, sure stops. Because you never know what the open road is going to throw at you.

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Type Motorcycles
Category Vintage / Classic
Mileage 18878ml
Engine 1140c
Year 2013
Color Black, Red
Vin Jh2sc6510dk001011