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Service & Repair

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Book an appointment to get an even better service.

OEM Maintenance

We follow Manufacturer Service Schedules so that you can get the most out of your ride.

$50 Diagnose

A Diagnose can get you a better ride.

Highest Rated Repair Shop

Working Hard to perform our work following all OEM especifications achieving the Best Quality.

Certified Tuning Center

Your bike runs ok. Don’t settle make sure it runs the best it can at our Dyno Tuning Facility.

Warranty on Service

We will always stand behind our work.

Maitenance Services

Maintenance Service performed as specified by Manufacturer Service Schedules.

50 Point Inspection

Goes over 50 key point of your ride to for peace of mind.

Coolant Flush

Cooling system flush is recomended to be performed once a year to prevent deterioration of coolant and contamination. Will extend the life of the cooling system components if performed as recomended.

Chain Service

Chain Clean, Adjust and Lube should be performed every oil change. Will increase drivetrain life.

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake system Fluid Flush should be performed once a year to ensure properly operating braking system and prolong life of components.

Oil Change

Oil/Filter Change can be performed as a walk-in. If possible call to book appointment for even better service.

Tire Change

We carry tires in stock for most motorcycles. If you have your tire we can Mount/Balance for you.

Tire Flat Repair

Depending on tire puncture position and size we could repair your Motorcycle Flat. Will need to evaluate tire.

Wheel Balance

We can balance your motorcycle wheels to get a smother ride.

Free Tire Air Pressure Set

Stop by and let us air up your motorcycle tires to proper air pressure.

Wheel Truing

Wheel truing services for all spoke motorcycle wheels.

Free Tire Inspection

Stop by to get a free motorcycle tire inspection.

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