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2002 Suzuki GSXR600 Sport Bike Used Motorcycle

$3 095

2002 Suzuki GSXR600 Sport Bike Used Motorcycle

The 2202 suzuki GSXR600 Sport bike derives from a life-long line of motorcycles that have owned the racetrack. This motorcycle has proven to be an incredible bike when it comes to light weight bikes, faster speed, and excellent handling capabilities.

This bike comes equipped with an engine design based on the proven GSX-R750, however, with unique features such as a cylinder head and block, valves, camshafts, cam chain, crankshaft, connecting rods, wrist pins, pistons, clutch assembly and most of the transmission gears. A motorcycle which is designed to own the racetrack!

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Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Mileage 26560ml
Year 2002
Color Black, Silver