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SOLD – 2007 Kawasaki ZZR 600 Sport Bike Used Motorcycle

$2 995
$2 895

SOLD – 2007 Kawasaki ZZR 600 Sport Bike Used Motorcycle

Once upon a time they built unassuming bikes that were so good from the word ‘go’ that they didn’t change once during their production run

The Kawasaki ZX-6 (ZZR600) was a Sport bike and later a sport touring motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki. The ZX-6 series motorcycle was Kawasaki’s flagship 600 cc model in 1990 to 1994. It was then replaced in 1995 with the ZX-6R as the brand’s 600 cc race replica.In Europe the model designation differed, and was introduced in 1990 as the ZZR600. The same 599 cc engine powered the bike from 1990 to 2004, then from 2005 to 2008 it used the engine from the 2004 ZX-6R.

In North America, the updated 2005 ZZR600 was a reissue of the 2001 (ZX-6R) model and remains unchanged save for a new, less invasive fairing stay. It is powered by the same 599 cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, inline four cylinder engine.Notably, the ZZR600 uses a carbureted engine, even in its later model years, as it retains its similarity to the 2001 ZX-6R model. As such, the ZZR600’s choke control sits near the left handle grip. Most modern Japanese sportbikes employ fuel injection.

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Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbikes
Mileage 4847ml
Engine 599cc
Year 2007
Color Red
Vin JKAZX4J177A069820